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If you're a food business with excess food, use our free tool to donate food safely and easily.


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A NEW way to donate excess food.


It's inevitable that food businesses have a bit of surplus at the end of a day.  But, we believe there's a better way to manage excess than to throw out edible food.  It's much better for the environment to redirect this food to people in need.
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We can help make food recovery part of your everyday business activities, so you can say goodbye to tipping fees.  Register. Donate. Repeat. How simple is that?  Donating surplus food just makes good sense.
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Social service organizations now have a safe way to access food to help feed those in need, right in our own neighbourhoods. is that connection to help make good will a reality.  
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Good food needs rescuing


We are so lucky in Canada to have an abundance of top quality, fresh food. Maybe because of this abundance, we've become careless. Across the food industry, 11.2 million metric tonnes of unsold, excess food goes to landfill each year. We call this avoidable food loss - edible food which has the potential to be rescued.

Yet around our community table, we have people that are hungry - single parents struggling to pay bills and feed the kids, seniors living on shrinking incomes, youth that can't make ends meet. These people are our neighbours, co-workers, students, class-mates, or retirees that we see at the bus stop. 4 million Canadians are experiencing food insecurity, while the amount of food that is unnecessarily going to waste could feed everyone in our country for 5 months.

As well, tremendous amounts of greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere when we throw away good food. This is not a sustainable situation for our environment.

So we decided to do something about it by building








Together, we have impact

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